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Oudome MLM Management System

Oudome is a Singapore based Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company distributing health and beauty products containing the precious ingredient - OUD. Together with Oudome, we help design & develop the entire MLM Management System (MMS) consisting of membership management, eCommerce, inventory management, commission processing & eWallet management modules.

Oudome MLM Management System

Main Modules

Registration Module: The registration process is modified to make it more simple and clear. Guided by the registration wizard, essential information is captured with ease..

Refer-a-Friend Module : You can send your friends a unique link created for you; they will then be able to register online and be placed under your organization chart automatically. You will be able to enjoy a commission for their future purchases.

eCommerce Module: We implement a full-featured eCommerce system where each order will come with BV and placement information.

Commission Processing Module: Commission processing is fully automated, and we can define processing and cutoff dates and date and time to process each type of commission. We will credit commissions directly into individual distributor's eWallet.

eWallet Module: Distributors can withdraw their commission using their password and One Time Password (SMS OTP). They can also transfer their eWallet credits to their downlines.

Custom Checkout Module: Checkout processed is being customized to allow usage of eWallet credits to pay for purchases; product BV placement information is also part of the checkout process.

POS Module: This function allows the backend staff to enter purchases on behalf of customer/distributors.

Organization Chart Module: A critical feature of an MLM software is to allow distributor (leaders) to have a tool to manage their sales team, with the organization chart, leaders can view and manage their sales team more effectively.

Others: A few other modules in the form plugins (Inventory/events calendar, etc.) were developed to make the entire operations run more smoothly.

Oudome MLM Management System

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