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What do we do?

We help small businesses establish an effective business software solution & online presence, no matter your business objectives, we will help to make it a reality.

eCommerce Solutions

We will assist you in implementing a versatile online shopping solution based on nopCommerce platform.

Plugin Development

We will help to design, and code new features not available in your new or existing nopCommerce site using a plugin.

Theme Development

We will redraw and makeover a customize themes for your new or existing nopCommerce sites.

Consultation Service

We will help to analyze and advise you on issues regarding your nopCommerce sites, e.g., Plugin error, performance tunning, etc.

AWS Setup

We will provide services to set up and install nopCommerce and other software on the Amazon Cloud Services virtual server.

Custom Software Solution

We will work closely with you to analyze, build and customize a software solution to achieve your business needs.

Our Latest Work

Habitat Learning Centre

Apptitue Test System

The Habitat Aptitude Test (THAT) is an online test specially designed for Upper Secondary students in Singapore to assess their standard in Chemistry and Physics. Students can choose their weak or favorite topics to take the test; upon completion, they will receive their overall score immediately. Students can also send in their emails to receive a customized report and book a time slot to preview a tuition class to help them with their weak topics.

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Oudome Pte Ltd

MLM Management System

Oudome is a Singapore based MLM company distributing health and beauty products containing the precious ingredient - OUD. Together with Oudome, we help design & develop the entire Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Management System (MMS) consisting of membership management, eCommerce, inventory management, commission processing & eWallet management modules.

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